William Sampson guilty of Belmont attempted murder.

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13 Jun 2019

Newcastle courthouse. FOR more than 18-months, William Sampson and hisneighbour had been locked in a bitter dispute at their Belmont unit block.
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There were allegations of property damage, verbal abuse and assault.

Sampson, 64, claims things escalated in September last year, when his 65-year-old female neighbour repeatedly called him a paedophile during an argument.

Then,on September 12, Sampsonknocked on his neighbour’sdoor, negotiated his way inside with offers of peace andrepeatedly stabbedher in the face, neck and hands.

He told police he was trying to kill her and said he thought it was his only option to put an end to the long-running feud.

Sampson appeared in Newcastle Local Court via audio visual link from Parklea Correctional Centre on Wednesday where he pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent to murder.

He will next appear in Newcastle District Court on April 6 to set a date for sentence.

According to a statement of facts, whichLegal Aid solicitor Sally Rostrom said were “not quite agreed”, Sampson and the victim lived in a unit block on the Pacific Highway at Belmont.

On September 12, Sampson’s carer, who lived next door, told him she had been involved in an argument with the victim.

Sampson went to a bottle shop, bought some beer, returned home, drank it and then grabbed a large knife from the kitchen.

He walked to the victim’s front door and asked to be let in, court documents state.

The victim initially declined out of fear, but Sampson reassured her he just wished to sort out their differences.She eventuallyacquiesced.

Once inside, Sampson pulled out the knife and used it to stab the victim in the neck multiple times, court documents state.

He knocked her to the ground, where he continued to stab at her, causing wounds to her face, neck and hands as the woman tried to fend him off.

The victim pleaded with Sampson not to kill her and screamed for help.

And then, Sampson stopped.

He left the victim’s residence, went home and called triple-zero where he confessed to what he had done.

The victim was treated by ambulance paramedics and somehow survived her horrific injuries, which included two lacerations to the right side of her neck, a 12 centimetre laceration to her jaw and multiple cuts to her hands and wrists.

Sampson admitted to the stabbing and said he had wanted to kill the victim to end their long-running feud, but became unnerved when she pleaded for her life.

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