Tim Minchin mocks Trump on US TV with Matilda parody

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13 Mar 2019

Tim Minchin will not be getting an invitation to the Trump White House any time soon.
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The n composer and comedian, whose musical Matilda has been a worldwide hit, took aim at the new president and some of his men, and women, in a song on late night American TV.

On The Late Late Show With James Corden, Minchin’s rewritten When I Grow Up, from Matilda, imagined Donald Trump and his associates Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon, as children in the show Donald: The Musical.

The new lyrics did not miss. Minchin, as Trump, sang about how “when I grow up I’ll… ban Muslims, play with Putin’s balls/Grab pussies of a lady grown up” and suggested that, once he repeals Obamacare “if you choose to be sick, you should just suck it up”.

Other lines, sung by Corden and actors Abigail Spencer and Ben Platt, mocked press secretary Spicer, who hopes to grow up to “tell lies, about crowd size”, special adviser Bannon, for being both a Nazi enabler and the brains behind the president, and counsellor Conway, for her willingness to play with “alternative facts”.

Minchin, who is no stranger to provocative material being nominated for an APRA Award next month for a song about Cardinal George Pell and the child abuse royal commission, joked afterwards that he “felt pretty powerful??? and quite stupid” playing the child Trump, while also revealing that his first musical love had been Andrew Lloyd Webber.

With Matilda already a success, Minchin is looking to join the English musical knight as a consistent hit maker with his new musical Groundhog Day, based on the Harold Ramis film.

Groundhog Day opened in London in 2016 and premieres on Broadway in April.

Neither President Trump, nor vice president Mike Pence who famously was addressed from the stage by the cast of the musical Hamilton last year, have been confirmed as attending a performance.

Maybe when they grow up.

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