NT approves ‘lawful’ abortions

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13 Jun 2019

Northern Territory women now have a legal right to an abortion.
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The NT Government last night passed new legislation allowing the lawful termination of pregnancy services.

The Health Minister, Natasha Fylessaid the new legislation allows Territory women access to the same medical services available elsewhere in .

”We believe all Territory women are entitled to control over their lives and access to high quality services.”

“That’s why we’ve introduced new legislation that gives Territory women the same access to medical termination drugs, like RU486, that other women in have.”

Katherine MLA Sandra Nelson supported the legislation.

“Today , the Termination of Pregnancy Law Reform Act 2017 was passed in parliament. This reform allows for provision and access of a medical Termination of Pregnancy. By passing this reform into legislation , Territory women now have access to more choices and options if and when they choose to terminate their pregnancy,” Ms Nelson said.

“This reform has always been about provision of contemporary healthcare options for women.

“I want to acknowledge the Katherine women that spoke to me over the last 18 months whether in support for the bill or opposing the bill. I especially want to thank the women that shared their very personal stories with me.”

The Opposition also supported the Bill.

Opposition health minister Lia Finocchiaro, said the Bill gives Territory women the same rights as women in all other n jurisdictions.

“Before today Territory women have not been given the opportunity to decide for themselves, based on factual and clinical information, whether they access medical termination,” Mrs Finocchiaro said.

“The Opposition believes it is time medical termination became an option for women facing one of the biggest decisions in their lives, subject to adequate clinical guidelines set in a Northern Territory context.

“It is our view the clinical guidelines should have been prepared and available for consultation with the Bill, however we have been advised by Government that they will be released for public consultation in May.

“The Bill is likely come into force in the middle of this year to coincide with the release of clinical guidelines. Once in force, women in the Northern Territory will be supported by modern legislation.”

The legislation will:

Remove the requirement for all termination of pregnancy procedures to be performed in a hospitalProvide opportunities for termination of pregnancy services to be provided in ‘out of hospital settings’ such as day surgeries andspecialistclinicsEnsure that early medical termination of pregnancy using drugs such as RU486 is possible in ‘out of hospital settings’Open the way for suitably qualified doctors (other than Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) to provide termination services for pregnancies under 14 weeksEnsure doctors and other health staff who conscientiously object to involvement in a termination of pregnancy refer women to a doctor who can provide these servicesInclude safe access zones around the premises where termination of pregnancy services are provided, to prevent women being harassed when attending and to give suitable protections to those working there.Change criminal offence provisions under theCriminal Code Act“The changes provide safe options for termination of pregnancy, bringing the legislation up to date with contemporary medical and legal practices,” Ms Fyles said.

“These are important community driven changes.

“There has been significant consultation across the Northern Territory with a Department discussion paper calling for public submissions and extensive consultations with MLA’s, stakeholders, community groups and interested individuals.

“We have allowed time for passionate debate, with parliamentarians given the rare opportunity to participate in a conscience vote.

“I acknowledge the respect my parliamentary colleagues have shown throughout this process.

“The new legislation will commence next month.”

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