Former minister Peter Reith rushed to hospital with stroke

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13 Jun 2019

Former Howard minister and Victorian Liberal party president candidatePeter Reith has suffered a stroke.
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The former industrial relations minister in prime minister John Howard’s government has been campaigning to unseat Liberal state branch president Michael Kroger.

Party members grew concerned for Mr Reith when his speech became slurred at a candidates’ forum organised by the Albert Park Liberal party branch on Tuesday night. Both Mr Reith and Mr Kroger addressed the gathering.

He was hospitalised on Wednesday morning and was in a stable condition later in the afternoon, sources close to him said.

Mr Reith has withdrawn from the presidential race meaning Mr Kroger will be re-elected president unopposed at the upcoming 1 April Liberal state council.

It is a major blow to many in the party who were confident Mr Reith had the numbers to defeat Mr Kroger.

Mr Kroger has come under pressure over his poor relations with state MPs and over the party’s finances, including the breakdown in the relationship with major benefactor the Cormack Foundation.

Opposition leader Matthew Guy had been a keen backer of Mr Reith’s candidacy and shared many of his MPs concerns that Mr Kroger had allowed alleged branch stacking by Brighton numbers man Marcus Bastiaan to go unchecked.

Many senior Liberal figures who were openly backing Mr Reith now face the prospect of Mr Kroger running the party for years to come, including at next year’s Victorian state election.

Mr Guy said the party’s thoughts and prayers were with Mr Reith.

“Peter Reith has been a dedicated servant of the Liberal Party for more than four decades and is one of its most beloved statesmen.

“On behalf of all Victorian Liberals, I wish him a full and speedy recovery,” Mr Guy said in a short statement.

The 66 year-old entered federal parliament in 1984 and held the seat of Flinders, which covers the Mornington Peninsula and Phillip Island, until 2001.

During his time in Canberra he served in prime minister John Howard’s ministry in the Defence, Workplace Relations and Small Business portfolios. He was slurring his speech and rambling at times at this function last night. I thought he was just tired. #springsthttps://t苏州夜场招聘/wfPiP9SK1x??? Kate Ashmor (@KateAshmor) March 22, 2017

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