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NT approves ‘lawful’ abortions

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Northern Territory women now have a legal right to an abortion.
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The NT Government last night passed new legislation allowing the lawful termination of pregnancy services.

The Health Minister, Natasha Fylessaid the new legislation allows Territory women access to the same medical services available elsewhere in .

”We believe all Territory women are entitled to control over their lives and access to high quality services.”

“That’s why we’ve introduced new legislation that gives Territory women the same access to medical termination drugs, like RU486, that other women in have.”

Katherine MLA Sandra Nelson supported the legislation.

“Today , the Termination of Pregnancy Law Reform Act 2017 was passed in parliament. This reform allows for provision and access of a medical Termination of Pregnancy. By passing this reform into legislation , Territory women now have access to more choices and options if and when they choose to terminate their pregnancy,” Ms Nelson said.

“This reform has always been about provision of contemporary healthcare options for women.

“I want to acknowledge the Katherine women that spoke to me over the last 18 months whether in support for the bill or opposing the bill. I especially want to thank the women that shared their very personal stories with me.”

The Opposition also supported the Bill.

Opposition health minister Lia Finocchiaro, said the Bill gives Territory women the same rights as women in all other n jurisdictions.

“Before today Territory women have not been given the opportunity to decide for themselves, based on factual and clinical information, whether they access medical termination,” Mrs Finocchiaro said.

“The Opposition believes it is time medical termination became an option for women facing one of the biggest decisions in their lives, subject to adequate clinical guidelines set in a Northern Territory context.

“It is our view the clinical guidelines should have been prepared and available for consultation with the Bill, however we have been advised by Government that they will be released for public consultation in May.

“The Bill is likely come into force in the middle of this year to coincide with the release of clinical guidelines. Once in force, women in the Northern Territory will be supported by modern legislation.”

The legislation will:

Remove the requirement for all termination of pregnancy procedures to be performed in a hospitalProvide opportunities for termination of pregnancy services to be provided in ‘out of hospital settings’ such as day surgeries andspecialistclinicsEnsure that early medical termination of pregnancy using drugs such as RU486 is possible in ‘out of hospital settings’Open the way for suitably qualified doctors (other than Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) to provide termination services for pregnancies under 14 weeksEnsure doctors and other health staff who conscientiously object to involvement in a termination of pregnancy refer women to a doctor who can provide these servicesInclude safe access zones around the premises where termination of pregnancy services are provided, to prevent women being harassed when attending and to give suitable protections to those working there.Change criminal offence provisions under theCriminal Code Act“The changes provide safe options for termination of pregnancy, bringing the legislation up to date with contemporary medical and legal practices,” Ms Fyles said.

“These are important community driven changes.

“There has been significant consultation across the Northern Territory with a Department discussion paper calling for public submissions and extensive consultations with MLA’s, stakeholders, community groups and interested individuals.

“We have allowed time for passionate debate, with parliamentarians given the rare opportunity to participate in a conscience vote.

“I acknowledge the respect my parliamentary colleagues have shown throughout this process.

“The new legislation will commence next month.”

Katherine Times

Former minister Peter Reith rushed to hospital with stroke

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Former Howard minister and Victorian Liberal party president candidatePeter Reith has suffered a stroke.
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The former industrial relations minister in prime minister John Howard’s government has been campaigning to unseat Liberal state branch president Michael Kroger.

Party members grew concerned for Mr Reith when his speech became slurred at a candidates’ forum organised by the Albert Park Liberal party branch on Tuesday night. Both Mr Reith and Mr Kroger addressed the gathering.

He was hospitalised on Wednesday morning and was in a stable condition later in the afternoon, sources close to him said.

Mr Reith has withdrawn from the presidential race meaning Mr Kroger will be re-elected president unopposed at the upcoming 1 April Liberal state council.

It is a major blow to many in the party who were confident Mr Reith had the numbers to defeat Mr Kroger.

Mr Kroger has come under pressure over his poor relations with state MPs and over the party’s finances, including the breakdown in the relationship with major benefactor the Cormack Foundation.

Opposition leader Matthew Guy had been a keen backer of Mr Reith’s candidacy and shared many of his MPs concerns that Mr Kroger had allowed alleged branch stacking by Brighton numbers man Marcus Bastiaan to go unchecked.

Many senior Liberal figures who were openly backing Mr Reith now face the prospect of Mr Kroger running the party for years to come, including at next year’s Victorian state election.

Mr Guy said the party’s thoughts and prayers were with Mr Reith.

“Peter Reith has been a dedicated servant of the Liberal Party for more than four decades and is one of its most beloved statesmen.

“On behalf of all Victorian Liberals, I wish him a full and speedy recovery,” Mr Guy said in a short statement.

The 66 year-old entered federal parliament in 1984 and held the seat of Flinders, which covers the Mornington Peninsula and Phillip Island, until 2001.

During his time in Canberra he served in prime minister John Howard’s ministry in the Defence, Workplace Relations and Small Business portfolios. He was slurring his speech and rambling at times at this function last night. I thought he was just tired. #springsthttps://t苏州夜场招聘/wfPiP9SK1x??? Kate Ashmor (@KateAshmor) March 22,

William Sampson guilty of Belmont attempted murder.

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Newcastle courthouse. FOR more than 18-months, William Sampson and hisneighbour had been locked in a bitter dispute at their Belmont unit block.
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There were allegations of property damage, verbal abuse and assault.

Sampson, 64, claims things escalated in September last year, when his 65-year-old female neighbour repeatedly called him a paedophile during an argument.

Then,on September 12, Sampsonknocked on his neighbour’sdoor, negotiated his way inside with offers of peace andrepeatedly stabbedher in the face, neck and hands.

He told police he was trying to kill her and said he thought it was his only option to put an end to the long-running feud.

Sampson appeared in Newcastle Local Court via audio visual link from Parklea Correctional Centre on Wednesday where he pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent to murder.

He will next appear in Newcastle District Court on April 6 to set a date for sentence.

According to a statement of facts, whichLegal Aid solicitor Sally Rostrom said were “not quite agreed”, Sampson and the victim lived in a unit block on the Pacific Highway at Belmont.

On September 12, Sampson’s carer, who lived next door, told him she had been involved in an argument with the victim.

Sampson went to a bottle shop, bought some beer, returned home, drank it and then grabbed a large knife from the kitchen.

He walked to the victim’s front door and asked to be let in, court documents state.

The victim initially declined out of fear, but Sampson reassured her he just wished to sort out their differences.She eventuallyacquiesced.

Once inside, Sampson pulled out the knife and used it to stab the victim in the neck multiple times, court documents state.

He knocked her to the ground, where he continued to stab at her, causing wounds to her face, neck and hands as the woman tried to fend him off.

The victim pleaded with Sampson not to kill her and screamed for help.

And then, Sampson stopped.

He left the victim’s residence, went home and called triple-zero where he confessed to what he had done.

The victim was treated by ambulance paramedics and somehow survived her horrific injuries, which included two lacerations to the right side of her neck, a 12 centimetre laceration to her jaw and multiple cuts to her hands and wrists.

Sampson admitted to the stabbing and said he had wanted to kill the victim to end their long-running feud, but became unnerved when she pleaded for her life.

Pair plead not guilty over Windale machete attack

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A MAN accused of using a machete to chop a rival’s pinky finger “clean off’ over a $150 ice debt will face a trial in Newcastle District Court.
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Paul Dargan, 23, of Merrigum Street, Windale, appeared in Newcastle Local Court via audio visual link from jail where he pleaded not guilty to causing grievous bodily harm to person with intent and wounding a person with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Asecond count of causing grievous bodily harm to person with intent was withdrawn by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Mr Dargan is accused of charging out from behind a sheet at a home in Balemo Crescent at Windale about 10.30am on June 16 last year and attacking a 26-year-old man with a machete.

The man had allegedly been lured there by Mr Dargan’s co-accused, David Alexander Sharp, 37, with promises a drug buyer was willing to pay over the odds forthree-and-a-half grams of ice.

Mr Dargan is accused of saying: “Where’s the f—ing drugs c—? Do you think I’m f—ing around?”

He then allegedly swung the machete at the victim’s head, who pulled out of the way and put his hand up to shield his face, court documents state.

The machete blade is alleged to have struck the victim’s left hand and chopped his little finger “clean off”.

“The victim saw his little finger land in his lap,” police facts state.

Mr Dargan is also accused of attacking the same man on April 1 last year.

On that occasion the alleged victim was asleep on a lounge at a home in Windale when he was allegedly woken up by Mr Dargan punching him in the back of the head.

Mr Dargan is accused of pulling out a knife and stabbing him in the left and right arms.

The victim refused to co-operate with police after that attack for fears of further ramifications, court documents state.

Police allege the dispute stems from $150 worth of the drug ice owed by the alleged 26-year-old victim to a Windale drug dealer.

Mr Sharp also appeared in Newcastle Local Court via audio visual link from jailon Wednesday.

He is accused of “organising and facilitating” the second alleged attack on the 26-year-old man at his Windalehome on June 16.

He pleaded not guilty tocausinggrievous bodily harm to a person with intent and will next appear in Newcastle District Court in April.

Newcastle District Cricket Association: Hamilton-Wickham bowler Tom Dwyer searching for grand final glory

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Tom Dwyer is all Pumas.
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After starting out his junior career with Hamilton-Wickham feeder club the Mayfield Colts, Dwyerthen progressed to the senior ranks where father Adam once played.

Almost a decade on and he hasn’tlooked back.

LOYAL: Left-arm paceman Tom Dwyer, 20, started his career with Hamilton-Wickham junior club the Mayfield Colts before joining the Pumas’ senior ranks and will line up in this weekend’s grand final. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

“My brother [Liam,19] and I grew upin Hamilton and started here [at the club] at the same time,” Dwyer said.

“We haven’t played anywhere else and we’ve never really thought about it.”

The left-arm paceman, now 20, will chase his maiden Newcastle District Cricket Association major premiership when he lines up in this weekend’s grand final against Belmont at No.1 Sportsground.

Dwyer made his first grade debut for Hamwicks in 2012-2013, a single gameas part of aminor premiership campaign.

The following summer, in the club’s 50thanniversary season, he won the SCG Country Cup but the Pumas missed the double after going down to Merewether in the maindecider.

Dwyer played most of 2014-2015, which included a Tom Locker Cup success, but last year watched his younger siblingin anarrow grand final losswhile sidelined with a shoulder injury himself and will have the chance to rectify thatsituation on Saturday and Sunday.

“It would be massive [to get the win], especially after watching last year’s grand final and being at the club for so long,” he said.

“We’ve worked hard this season, put ourselves in the right spot and we’re all looking forward to the weekend.”

Dwyer, who is studying commerce and law at the University of Newcastle, has plenty of experience to draw from with a bowling attack featuring opener Andrew Maher, key all-rounder Mark Dries and the Webber twins Sam and Matt.

“Those blokes bowl a lot of overs and my role is to take wickets when I get the opportunity,” he said.

“Having that sort of experience around really helps and makes a big difference.”

Across all competitions this summer Dwyer has taken 28 wickets, 15 in the first XI,at an average of 16.14.

“On his day he [Dwyer] can be very dangerous,” Hamwicks captain Josh Trappel said.“I can see him being the heart of the Pumas bowling attack for years to come.”

The Pumas have retained eight players from the 2015-2016 showdownwith Dwyer, Matt Jones and Aaron Cooper the newcomers.

This will be the club’s fifth grand final appearance since they last won the title in 2003-2004. Hamwicks held the trophy four times from 1999-2000.

HAMILTON-WICKHAM: Josh Trappel (c), Mark Dries, Matt Jones, Ben Balcomb, Rhys Hanlon, Matt Webber, Aaron Cooper, Sam Webber, Tom Dwyer, Andrew Maher, Abe Gibson.