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Tim Minchin mocks Trump on US TV with Matilda parody

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Tim Minchin will not be getting an invitation to the Trump White House any time soon.
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The n composer and comedian, whose musical Matilda has been a worldwide hit, took aim at the new president and some of his men, and women, in a song on late night American TV.

On The Late Late Show With James Corden, Minchin’s rewritten When I Grow Up, from Matilda, imagined Donald Trump and his associates Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon, as children in the show Donald: The Musical.

The new lyrics did not miss. Minchin, as Trump, sang about how “when I grow up I’ll… ban Muslims, play with Putin’s balls/Grab pussies of a lady grown up” and suggested that, once he repeals Obamacare “if you choose to be sick, you should just suck it up”.

Other lines, sung by Corden and actors Abigail Spencer and Ben Platt, mocked press secretary Spicer, who hopes to grow up to “tell lies, about crowd size”, special adviser Bannon, for being both a Nazi enabler and the brains behind the president, and counsellor Conway, for her willingness to play with “alternative facts”.

Minchin, who is no stranger to provocative material being nominated for an APRA Award next month for a song about Cardinal George Pell and the child abuse royal commission, joked afterwards that he “felt pretty powerful??? and quite stupid” playing the child Trump, while also revealing that his first musical love had been Andrew Lloyd Webber.

With Matilda already a success, Minchin is looking to join the English musical knight as a consistent hit maker with his new musical Groundhog Day, based on the Harold Ramis film.

Groundhog Day opened in London in 2016 and premieres on Broadway in April.

Neither President Trump, nor vice president Mike Pence who famously was addressed from the stage by the cast of the musical Hamilton last year, have been confirmed as attending a performance.

Maybe when they grow up.

Channel Nine finally confirms Gatwick Hotel purchase

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Gatwick Hotel in St Kilda is forced to close down by the government. 6 March 2017. The Age News. Photo: Eddie Jim.Ex resident Nikki Dimovski.Channel Nine has finally confirmed it has bought St Kilda’s notorious Gatwick Hotel for an upcoming season of The Block after several months of rumours and intense speculation.
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Speaking exclusively with Fairfax Media, The Block’s executive producer Julian Cress promised the hit television show would not start production until every single one of the Gatwick’s residents had found new accommodation.

He also said The Block would assist homelessness charities in the wake of the sale, either through cash donations or renovations. Around 30 people living at the Gatwick still need to find alternative accommodation, with owners Yvette Kelly and Rose Banks planning to rehouse a handful of long term residents themselves.

Fairfax Media has been told the purchase was made official on Monday, with the final price in the vicinity of $15 million.

The Gatwick – which has a history of bashings, overdoses and even murder inside its walls – was first advertised for sale in December. Its closure was announced earlier this month, bringing to an end months of uncertainty for people who often turn to the Gatwick as a last resort.

Mr Cress said the Nine Network wasn’t prepared to purchase the building until it was certain its residents could find a new home.

“Everybody who’s been there will get an offer and opportunity to move into better accommodation than they’re used to,” he said.

“I’ve spent a bit of time inside the Gatwick. I’ve met all the residents a couple of months ago. Anybody who’s seen inside there would agree with the [housing] minister Martin Foley, who said that it’s clear the Gatwick is an inappropriate place for people in the first place.”

However, the executive producer did admit he had been scoping out the site for some time. A “couple of years”, in fact.

“The Gatwick is a beautiful building,” he said. “It’s got a lot of character. Unfortunately, it has fallen into disrepair. Internally, it’s really poor – but I think we can do a lot with that. It’s a building that feels like it deserves a new lease on life and like we can do something really special with it.”

Mr Cress swatted aside suggestions The Block – which is currently working on thirteenth season – purchased the Gatwick in order to grab headlines over such a contentious property. Instead, he said the building’s location was the major drawcard.

He also confirmed the Gatwick’s historic facade will remain, but declined to reveal anything more about Channel 9’s plans for the site.

“While there are concerns by various traders and residents at that part of Fitzroy Street, I think that everybody who lives there knows they live in one of the most beautiful parts of Melbourne,” he said. “It’s right by the beach, it’s an outstanding place to live.”

Mr Cress said it was unusual for him to be talking about a future series of The Block given the show’s format revolves around keeping the location a surprise for the contestants. However, concerns about the Gatwick’s closure putting further pressure on Melbourne’s homelessness crisis prompted him to break his silence.

“What we do internally or create as a challenge for the contestants when they arrive [will surprise them],” he said. “I acknowledge there’s a lot of public interest in this.”

This engagement is basically the start of the ultimate fashion dynasty

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Get ready to do some deep Instagram stalking. Bee Shaffer???, the daughter of American Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, is engaged to Francesco Carrozzini???, the son of Franca Sozzani???, the late editor of Vogue Italia.
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Can you imagine the Vogue wedding treatment these nuptials are going to get, let alone the guest list?

The announcement was made by Peoplemagazine, with confirmation from Vogue and a fleeting glimpse of the ring on Shaffer’s best friend, Vogue accessories director Selby Drummond’s Instagram story.

The couple made their relationship public last year, when Shaffer, who works as a producer on The Late Show With Seth Meyers, attended a screening of Carrozzini’s documentary about his mother, Franca: Chaos & Creation.

Carrozzini, like Shaffer, doesn’t work in the fashion industry. He works as a film director and photographer and has directed music videos for the likes of Beyonce and Nicki Minaj???.

Franca Sozzani, who died last year at the age of 66 from cancer, was good friends with Anna Wintour. In a tribute to Sozzani, who raised her son alone, Wintour wrote on Vogue苏州夜总会招聘:

“Very recently Franca was the subject of a documentary directed by her son, Francesco Carrozzini:Franca: Chaos and Creation. Being the star of a film made by your son can’t have been effortless or easy. During the course of filming, I am told there were some strong disagreements about the direction the movie was taking. Yet the results are both enchanting and insightful. After all, how could it not be, given Francesco is every bit his mother’s son: two intelligent, cultured, charming, don’t-ever-play-by-the-rule-book characters who brought so much of themselves to this movie.

“Francesco perfectly captures her drive and determination, her fearlessness, her beauty, her wild imagination, and her totally original way of fusing social issues with fashion. He always understood that she was no ordinary mother. But then, Franca was also no ordinary friend.”

It sounds like Carrozzini has the Wintour tick of approval, which you might say will come in handy with a mother-in-law whose nickname is “Nuclear Winter”.

It’s also lucky because Shaffer, who appeared in the 2009 Vogue documentary The September Issue and said of her mother’s industry, “It’s a weird world. I would never want to take it too seriously,” appears to be very close to her mother, often sharing sweet snaps of the two on Instagram. Including this most excellent throwback: Happy birthday mom! Thanks for seeing me through the tough times.A post shared by beeshaffer (@beeshaffer) on Nov 3, 2016 at 9:39am PDTBring your mother to work day!A post shared by beeshaffer (@beeshaffer) on Apr 12, 2016 at 4:13pm

OpinionProbing regional jobs growthAnthea Bill

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JOBS PANEL: Brett Lewis, Ian Richardson, Tony Sansom and Professor Caroline McMillen at the Hunter Economic Breakfast in Newcastle this month.
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The Hunter Research Foundation (HRF) Centre’s latestHunter Region Economic Indicatorstell a positive story of economic recovery in the December 2016 quarter, including a new wave of business and consumer confidence, and the creation of almost 5000 local jobs.

Not only did the rate of jobs growth in the region (1.6 per cent on a three-month moving average) outstrip the State, but our unemployment rate (4.6 per cent) dipped below the NSW rate (5.1 per cent) for the first time in three years.

The latest figures continue a marked recovery in the Hunter’s labour market. From late 2013, with the wind-back in mining investment, Hunter employment fell and unemployment rose. Since March 2015, the Hunter has grown by 11 per cent, more than double the NSW rate (4 per cent) and adding 31,300 jobs. About 60 per cent of the new jobs have been part-time, with more jobs for females over males.

Jobs growth during the upswing was strongest in services, particularly health care and social assistance, professional scientific and technical services, and education and training, all sectors predicted to experience strong jobs growth out to 2020. However, nationally, service sector jobs are increasingly located in capital cities’ CBDs, and attracting and retaining high-productivity service-based firms remains a challenge for the region.

To further probe the Hunter’s jobs growth detail, we asked three leaders to join a panel at the Hunter Economic Breakfast in Newcastle this month.

NSW Department of Industry Office of Regional Development Regional Director Tony Sansom said recent jobs growth in the Hunter was no surprise, given the surge in economic activity in Newcastle.

“The NSW Government is investing in infrastructure, major projects and new industries in the Hunter and will continue to do so,” he said. “We are very collaborative in the Hunter. When industry, government, the University and TAFE all work together, we get some great results.”

Mr Sansom said that the surge in opportunities created by the new Hunter innovation hubs and by incubators like Eighteen04 had helped to retain young people in the region.

Hunter Area Manager for global professional services firm AECOM, Ian Richardson, said that the Hunter’s relative affordability helps to attract skilled workers to the region.

“AECOM focusses on a strong graduate intake to build our team,” he said. “Innovation and collaboration are essential to sustain jobs growth in the Hunter.”

Managing director of The Bloomfield Group Brett Lewis, talked about the effects of the downward pricing of coal on the operations of the Hunter coal industry.

“One of the up-sides has been the need for the industry to look at itself and its processes, which encouraged innovation across everything that we do,” he said. “Innovation is core to the longevity of the coal industry in .”

Mr Lewis saw good prospects for the Hunter’s coal industry and welcomed the recent debate about ’s energy future.

“How much of a part coal plays in the energy mix in the future remains to be seen but we need to have that conversation,” he said. “Our customers in Japan, Taiwan and Korea are still building coal-fired power stations, using new technologies that drastically reduce the negative impacts. They see coal as part of their future energy mix.”

Dr Anthea Bill, Lead Economist, HRF Centre

Turnbull government caves to pressure on childcare and savings package

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Financial Review Business Summit Nick Xenophon. Photo: Louie Douvis
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The Turnbull government has caved to pressure from the Senate crossbench, splitting its childcare reforms from the contentious “omnibus” savings package in a bid to salvage the childcare bill and limited cuts to welfare.

It says about 800,000 families will benefit from the changes to childcare.

The government believes it has secured support for $1.6 billion in savings measures to offset the cost of the childcare reforms, chiefly from resurrecting an old proposal to pause the indexation of the Family Tax Benefit for two years.

The measure will raise $1.38 billion, government sources said. Other savings will be made through a freeze on the means test threshold for other payments, and extending waiting periods for parents and young people seeking welfare.

Other measures from the omnibus savings bill, including contentious cuts to the family tax benefit, will be split off and are unlikely to pass the Senate.

“There will be more work to be done after today, but this is as far as we believe the Senate is going to be prepared to go on this occasion, and that’s what we’re putting forward,” Finance Minister Mathias Cormann said Wednesday morning.

Attorney-General George Brandis, leader of the government in the Senate, also moved to extend sitting hours on Thursday and into Friday in order to pass the bill this week.

The government began the week insisting it wanted to treat the various measures as a package deal in order to fully fund the $1.6 billion childcare reforms that will boost subsidies to low-income families and curb rising childcare costs.

But the plan had been thwarted by crossbenchers including the Nick Xenophon Team, One Nation, Derryn Hinch and Jacqui Lambie, who maintain objections to various parts of the savings package.

The government will use the revised package, stripped of cuts to the Family Tax Benefit, to heap pressure on the Labor opposition to support the bill, which is before the Senate.

Education Minister Simon Birmingham will present modelling showing about 800,000 families will be better off under the childcare reforms, with a family on $80,000 a year benefiting to the tune of about $3400.

Plans to scrap end-of-year family tax benefit supplements now appear doomed after One Nation leader Pauline Hanson told the government on Tuesday night her party would not support the measure. She gave the Turnbull government “less than 24 hours to change their tune”.

The Xenophon trio and Senator Hinch are also reluctant to support that element of the package, while Senator Hinch has demanded childcare subsidies for very high income earners are scrapped or reduced.

Labor has previously indicated it was open to supporting the childcare package if it were separated from the welfare cuts.

“We will vote to improve the deal for child care, absolutely, so long as he drops his cut to family payments,” Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said on Sunday.

On Wednesday he promised not be “obstinate or bloody-minded” but said he would reserve Labor’s position until the government presented the deal.

The Turnbull government was often “too stupid to know when they’re beat”, Mr Shorten said.

In total, the original omnibus savings bill would have improved the budget bottom line by about $4 billion, once the extra expenditure on childcare was taken into account.

Mr Birmingham on Wednesday said private discussions with the crossbench continued, and he was optimistic the government would try to salvage enough savings to pay for the $1.6 billion childcare package.

“They’re constructive discussions and we’re making good progress,” he said. “We obviously want to make sure these reforms – a $1.6 billion additional investment into childcare and early education – are paid for.

“We are working through to make sure we get an outcome.”

The Turnbull government does not have a majority in the Senate and is thus reliant on the support of the 12 crossbenchers when bills are opposed by Labor and the Greens.

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